The Friday Group has been both providing architectural specification services and developing web-enabled document production and management systems — and everything it takes to make them work — since 1999. We believe in providing excellent service, delivered innovatively. 


There is a traditional model of specification consulting, in which the architect has a specification writer in-house, or hires one in from the outside, whose job it is to write documents that supplement the drawings at each phase of the design. They almost always use a recent similar job as the base; they rarely modify the language, other than to get the products and assemblies that have been selected. This is, at its essence, a specification writing service which views the written specification as the deliverable, and springs from a view that specifications are an onerous task to be completed, rather than as a vital link in the communications between architect, owner, and contractor.


To us, document technology is recognizing that any document, be it a word processing document, a spreadsheet, even an email, need not be monolithic. Every document can be broken into constituent parts — paragraphs, sentences, even individual words — and then manipulated to create new documents using the power of a database back end and some very careful programming.

Once a document is broken out of the strictures of the desktop, the possibilities for control of content, collaboration, and distribution are endless. Large corporations, small teams, even individuals can use such a system to make information accessible from anywhere at any time.

We have used this approach to create a number of systems that allow production, control, and distribution of documents an information in a collaborative, highly secure, highly flexible environment.










The Friday Group LLC is an international consultancy with a reputation for providing excellence in architectural specifications services and the implementation of web-based systems that enable them.

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