We work directly for the architect, usually starting the process during schematic design and design development, continuing through the construction documents phase, and offer support in the post-contract phase. We do not believe that the specification — the pile of paper — is the service; rather, the specification is the result of our consultancy. We work closely with the designers to truly understand the building; then create, evolve and deliver specifications that reflect that understanding.

We need to understand what the architect is trying to achieve in order to properly describe and nuance the specifications to meet that intent. We use a series of drafts, checklists, and communication media (email, telephone, our online system) to achieve this.

Our work has been on projects across the USA and in fact across the world (see Our Work). Technology allows us to work with architects and on projects in far-flung corners of the globe.  The geographical spread of projects means that we can’t physically attend every meeting on most projects; we can and should have regular contact, however, so that we can keep our virtual finger on the pulse of the design.

To improve on this concept of regular contact, and to acknowledge and emphasize the importance of local knowledge, we have created an international group of specifications consultants with whom we will collaborate, the National Specifications Group. We have associated firms in the UK and Australia, an affiliated firm in South Africa, and are actively seeking a firm in or near China to complete our global collaboration group. The goal is to create a network of companies whose close and collaborative working relationship optimizes the benefits of knowledge-share and sector experience.