Specifications Consulting

We are part of an international constortium of specifications consultants specialising in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects. We have local knowledge and expertise available in the USA, UK, Middle East, Australia and South Africa to work on projects in those countries and beyond.

Document Technology

We have been developing web-based enterprise specifications software systems since 1999. our current system, called platfrm, has the ability to rapidly build solutions that break down knowledge silos, allow the sharing of information, allow the creation and control of documents, and remove barriers in the processes of document production and collaboration.


We are a group of people with a unique blend of knowledge, from architectural specifications to web applications development to massive database administration to sustainability, with a number of stops in between. Some of us have had past lives as chefs and biologists; we have staff members with science and contracting backgrounds; some of us have even studied computer science.

While some might say this suggests a lack of focus, we prefer to present ourselves as a group with a broad range of interests, experience, and expertise, who can apply that varied knowledge to any problem. The result? A solution that is often innovative, always appropriate. Ultimately, each person is a unique repository of talents and experiences that add up to a team of people who can deliver excellence to our clients.

We believe in providing excellent service. Our job is to give our clients what they need, when they need it, with a minimum of fuss.


Lars Hubbard
Lars HubbardPresident
Not content to confine himself to any one thing, Lars studied Workplace Democracy & Radical Economics in college; worked as a residential contractor; owned a restaurant; was an executive chef; managed a hotel; and was CTO of an internet/telecom startup before finding his way to the craft of specification consulting. Nearly twenty-five years later, he is still challenged by the complexity of the work, and is constantly seeking new ways to leverage technology to make the work more accurate and precise.
Charles Burkins
Charles BurkinsVice President, CTO
Chuck’s professional life is defined by his love of science and technology. After completing an undergraduate degree in chemistry from Cornell University, he spent over a decade working as an analytical and physical biochemist in the laboratory. After discovering a love of programming, he re-educated and re-defined himself as a technologist. He has been a key developer on a number of web applications with thousands of users.